The long tradition of hospitality makes of the Sicilians a warm and friendly people. Anywhere you go you will be surprised by how much the Sicilians will do to help you and to make your journey unforgettable.


Sicily is the island of great contrasts. In a few km you will pass by the low desert and sandy beaches to bold cliffs, from the rolling hills to the age-old vineyards. You will discover the sunny uplands and shady woods, the warm beaches and the historic cities, ending with the blue sea and the fires of Etna, the highest volcano in Europe. In short, the landscapes of Sicily alone deserve a trip. »

There is a Sicily to discover , made of nature's colors smells and flavors that make up the unforgettable setting for the most famous Sicily These are the feelings that make unique and unforgettable a stay in Sicily: flavors of foods that will not leave you, the smell of herbs that you will never forget, unimaginable colors of nature. »

The calm of the place, the discrete elegancy, united with any luxury, the proximity to the towns, but also to the sea, and its strategic position, make this an ideal place for a holiday in Sicily. Each house disposes of all the necessary for a relaxing stay with a high comfort level. The view is spectacular when the sun goes down in the sea and when the country side colours gold. »