Sicily is the island of great contrasts. In a few km you will pass by the low desert and sandy beaches to bold cliffs, from the rolling hills to the age-old vineyards. You will discover the sunny uplands and shady woods, the warm beaches and the historic cities, ending with the blue sea and the fires of Etna, the highest volcano in Europe. In short, the landscapes of Sicily alone deserve a trip.


Five thousand years of domination, of cultures, languages, architectures, in short, five thousand years of history have left their mark on this unique island that you can define the focus of European and Mediterranean culture. The examples are impressive: from the Phoenician, to the Greek temples, from Roman ruins to the Baroque wonder now recognized as "World Heritage" of the Province of Ragusa.



The Sicilian cuisine is a unique blend of flavors with which you will make a "gastronomic” tour around the Mediterranean Sea . Fresh fish, delicious seasonal fruits, vegetables, sweets famous all over the world as the cannoli, cassata and chocolate of Modica. But Sicily has reached peaks of excellence in the wine and oil with prestige products that are the natural complement of unforgettable lunches and dinners.


The long tradition of hospitality makes the Sicilians a warm and welcoming people . Wherever you will be amazed at how the Sicilians will help you and make your stay unforgettable.


Especially for the climate you come to Sicily.
Winter: you can always find a comfortable temperature. The few rainy days alternate with beautiful sunny days. The almond trees are in bloom and the fields are at the best of their splendor. And it is the ideal time to visit the town or to escape the cold north. Oranges lemons and tangerines color the fields


Spring Fall: Sicily best . The fields are filled with colors. The temperature around 20-25 degrees is perfect for the sea but also for walks in the countryside and in cities.
Summer: We are in the middle of the bathing season, temperatures are much higher 30/35 degrees by day 25 in the evening. The sea is at maximum brightness. The cities are not very populated. Melons peaches and figs are ready.