There is a Sicily to discover , made of nature's colors smells and flavors that make up the unforgettable setting for the most famous Sicily These are the feelings that make unique and unforgettable a stay in Sicily: flavors of foods that will not leave you, the smell of herbs that you will never forget, unimaginable colors of nature.


That is the reason why we propose to know Sicily in another way, walking on foot between the limestone quarries, riding along with donkeys on Hyblaean plateau, biking along the coast. Or going in search of medicinal herbs of ancient memory, of forgotten edible plants , and learning to recognize and use them.


We will visit the cellars of the most famous and prestigious wines, will taste oils of the finest quality, the best of typical Mediterranean products , and then all together in the kitchen preparing the recipes . Will go in search of the most picturesque location to be photographed together, when the colors of spring explode, we will rediscover the religious traditions , in short we will discover the other Sicily: the true one. We are available to meet any request